Tuesday, 1 December 2009

my compositing project, final render. im pretty happy with it, but theres things i would have done better had I an extra 2 weeks ontop of the deadline.
I would have refined the animation when the robot lands on his head, because of render and video robelms it didn't match up exactly , i had to move it along in after effects.
If I had more time I would have added camera shake, blur th focus slightly, so it looks like the smoke travels outward across the camera, selling the illusion more.
just generally refining the animation so it looks more convicing and there is weight.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Original Sotryboard for Animation composition

here is the original sketches i did for my short compositing sequence, and i have stuck pretty closely to the original idea, i can see now how some ideas are realized and how some can become pretty complicated.

at least being able to identify those shots that are really going to cause you the most trouble, and asking yourself is it the money shot? or can i just leave it out and focus on better ideas?

it is going once u understand the technology and necessity of film, i can see it takes a long time but i think all of this is a pretty good example of good judgement.

Penultimate night of my first term of 2nd year..

video co pilot has been a very useful source of tips.
here i wanted some motion blur when the robots feet hit the ground, but it was abit problematic mostly because i had a border around the clip and so was hard to extend and mirror the edges so i just game up on that.
work in progress
more work in progress
here is a quick preview of the last sequence of my short compositing sequence. this one is proving pretty challenging, mostly because the clip is goofing and its hard to rotoscope without doing a play blast every few minutes. i am confident i will have this done by hand in.
is the last full day i get to work on my compositing porject. i may have friday morning also to get it done, and i think i will need that buffer considering how long it takes to render out a 0 second sequence i am doing for my animation.

the good news is i have completed the other 3d sequences, iam doing the last one, which has been giving me the most trouble because it needs to be rotoscoped in time with the actor.
i think i have found the right music whilst listening to some Charlie Chaplin movie soundtracks.
I was originally going to go with straight forward dramatic but instead i would prefer a more comedic angle, it will seem a bit more round and fun, rather than by the numbers shock.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

busy with my Post production project

my crazy pair of eye balls on legs.
he was downloaded from turbosquid.com, he's a pretty good character creation, no arms makes him alot simpler to animate than moom.
work in progress for maya, doing my character hopping about in the scene.
Work in progress for my composition post production.
i am going to plan so far, there's have been a few hick ups in the animating part. Problems such as importing video in maya and a few other things i thought would be a snap proved fairly troublesome, thanks to tutors I don't think maya will give me much trouble anymore. i have completed one comp so far, three to go, one is fairly easy, just the 3d character landing on the camera, the other 2 are a little more complex since i have to match move, i will also need the 3d character to crash into the actor and make a crater, I will see what's possible from tutorials, it might be possible with a bit of photoshop.

one thing is for sure, this will never look as good as work i am going to do in AE and Maya in the future. i WILL DEFINATELY do the best i can based on what i know sofar of Maya and Ae to help me, im armed with alot of tutorials and i am already pretty keen to try and animate other things already, keen to experiment in any way i can.

The last thing i want to do on my holiday is get bored and loose interest in practicing my 3d, if i practiced at least afew hours a day i would be up to the standard i am expecting in my head.

i have learned a great many things in a short space of time. this time next year i will be so much better.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

dinning room ident

an idea for an Ident i had since the begining, i think it looks pretty good. i guess i need to think how successful it was at doing the job the brief was describing.

Latest idents as of penultimate week of submission

Here is the some of the latest Idents I have worked on, based on pigeons i saw around the national Gallery.

this is a good one, is useable apart from the black which kinda looks like blood or crap, lol
So it may be better to drop the black. other than that this was a little exercise in colour keying, and matte chocking, so it has been useful in that.
I would probably try out a more

this one I mostly did because i wanted to use these pre matted cloud and smoke elements, but it is really funny how it shows how easy it is to change the tone of a show. the clouds and birds make it seem like a trailer for the exorcist or London Dungeon, these same bird sequences i used in another video, copying and using a different fill. so this one is interesting but in terms of usability its not got the right tone or feel.this was a simple ident, using the same masked birds and a few green screen birds. same birds i have been using the whole time, the birds flying passed idea was one i had from the beginning. i think i will leave the pigeon idea now, i have explored it enough for this, i want to move onto doing a dinner scene or maybe paintings looking around or the painting deteriorating, it depends how long it will take to do my 3D compositing.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

latest animation idents

this is my latest ident, i decided totry n make the picture look like it is drawing itself. i think i should make a frame in maya to go around it if i have the time, since its done i may move onto another idea sooner.

decided to do an ident based on the skylights i saw in the gallery , this ended up taking longer since i added the corridor in. thought it wasnt interesting enough, but this looks better.
however the corridor is pretty badly pixalated, next time i may make a corridor from scratch in Ai, or just in after effects.
but either way im glad i used it, its a cheap technique which takes half as long.